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How to adjust the spacing between lines

Hi all,
I’m looking without finding how to adjust the spacing between the lines. Sorry to be so sluggish
Can a good soul help me?
Sincerely thanking you,


A first note. Tinderbox is not a word processor, so don’t think of text styling in those terms. A note’s $Text space is closer (but not the same as) using macOS TextEdit.

There is not document-level UI for this. Spacing is controlled by attribute LineSpacing: see aslo the Text Inspector’s Text tab.

If you find a spacing setting you like, then by all means use the Document Inspector’s system tab, but ensure you reset any note-level $LineSpacing customisations.

Actually, there is a document-level UI! Set the default value of LineSpacing :).

“Normal” line spacing is 100, so setting $LineSpacing to 140 would give you 40% extra leading.

Yes, and I did actually say so above. But mindful of the user’s perspective, the only way to experiment with the setting via a UI—i.e. to find out the doc default you might want to set—is at note level using the Text Inspector’s text tab. Which is why I mentioned the Document Inspector at the end, not the start. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your answers. Indeed Tinderbox is not a word processor and I do not use it with that in mind. However, a line spacing somewhat greater than the standard makes it easier for me to consult my notes. Lost in other thoughts I searched in vain in “Document Settings …” forgetting the “Text tab” of the inspector :roll_eyes:
Best regards

Glad that fixed things. The bit about the word processor wasn’t meant in snarky fashion but just by way of context-setting. For all system attribute pages in aTbRef, there is this “Attribute UI-configurable?” in the table at the top. If true, that attribute can be set using a UI control. The article should link to a note describing that UI (if not please tell me).

I’d agree that for the user experience perspective, the UI is potentially (unintentionally) confusing as the Text Inspector works at selected note scope. So you have to figure the setting you need, then reset the attribute, switch to the Document Inspector, find the attribute and set the desired value there so it is the document default.

Tip: if this is something you want in all docs, make a note of the value so you can set it directly in the Document Inspector for any/al new TBXs. I don’t believe a non-default $LineSpacing can be pre-set for new documents.