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How to assign Badges corresponding to URL, SecondURL value?

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Trying to think ahead:

  1. Suppose we now have attributes like this: URL, SecondURL, ThirdURL etc. (or URL_Evernote, URL_Devonthink, URL_Mail etc)
    As I think to have understood, it would require Actions and Rules to assign a specific Badge to Notes corresponding their URL, SecondURL etc attribute property.

  2. Can this Badge be made clickable to launch the URL with the corresponding app?

As always: Thanks for helping out!

#1 There is one badge so you’d first need to define which URL you want to assess.

#2 No. Badges aren’t click-able (map) elements.

Given #2 implies you’re a map-centric user, I’d look at $Flag rather than $Badge as a note can have multiple flags as opposed to one badge. Be aware though that flags are seen only in map view.

Returning to #1, you could apply a badge based on combined URL-type attribute values but I thin you’re rapidly in a mess of nested if() statements—which would suggest it isn’t an optimal approach to the task. IOW, an alternative approach visual and/metadata (i.e attribute) might be a simpler route to your desired analytical (if not visual) end point.

Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to accomplish with the URLs and badges? Reading between the lines, maybe you want to badge a note depending on whether it’s linked to Evernote, vs. linked to DEVONthink, vs. linked to Mail, and so forth.

In that case, I suggested it’s better to have different prototypes (and therefore different badges for the relevant prototypes), rather than a collection of URL attributes. The prototype will define the source of the note.

If you watch an Evernote folder, or a DEVONthink group, or a Finder folder, of course you get various built-in prototypes assigned. You can apply badges to those built-in prototypes if you want.

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Yes Paul, sure;
Let me first explain a couple of things:

  • I’m in the process of working out how various apps can work together in the best way
  • A couple examples:
  • Evernote is e.g. omni present, quasi all platforms, even Android
  • Devonthink is mac and iOS only, thinking about DTTGo too, but haven’t really had much success up to now (due mainly to too large a DB and also due to previous versions)
  • Ithoughts is also splendid, works on mac, iOS and even Windows (not aware of Linux?) (FYI I’ve played with setapp, but have decided I want a one time license fee preferably, yes TBX is an exception)

=> So what I was really thinking of is to have some prototype or stamp or action or a combination of any couple of them, but I had the idea to create a ‘special’ URL for each of these apps, so EN, iThoughts, DTPO etc )

  • next idea was to then add a specific badge to a note, e.g. these apps’s mini icons,
  • and ideally you would be able to click on them and the relevant app would open…

What’s e.g great with Ithoughts is that you can nearly throw anything at it, it will automatically add an email icon or a url icon or whatever,
Another extraordinary feat in may opinion is that iThougts can search all the mindmaps… off course these then live in iCloud, but we could do the same with TBX files…

I’m confused, this seems to describe an everything bucket, which long-standing general consensus here holds is best done by ‘everything bucket’ apps, designed for the purpose, like Evernote and DEVONthink. I’m unclear as to the ROI either for developer or the wider user base of trying to turn Tinderbox into an ‘everything bucket’. What’s the gain.

Tinderbox is on a desktop OS (macOS in this case), for a good reason: many of the general affordances users want don’t call unduly on the power of today’s laptop or desktop computers. The inconvenient truth is the the same can’t be said for mobile devices.

I can one way to implement part of it and that is for File and URL types (others?), i.e. those with an action button in KAs or Get Info, could be allowed a custom icon (format? size?) per-attribute. Of course to be available anywhere, the artwork would need to be yet more file bloat in docs. More workable might be to allow custom artwork in an app support folder and leave it to the use to manage across multiple Macs as they see fit.

As @PaulWalters has noted, it would be perfectly possible to have a per resource prototype and manage difference that way, which seems a much more efficient route to go. Plus, as button cions for File/URL types are only shown in data tables that show the attribute name, does $EvernoteURL really need a different icon to $iThoughtsURL?