How to center align the subtitles of containers?

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a new computer for two days: using Tinderbox is so much pleasing. The difference with Sonoma and… Big Sur is so BIG. Everything is precisely defined, especially in the Attribute Browser. Waouh! But, am I missing something? I used to center the subtitles of containers, what I’m not anymore capable of: it is systematically left aligned. How could I do to change this?
Thanks for your help.

This is corrected in Tinderbox 9.7.3, and in the current backstage release.

Note I’m on macOS 13.6.6 Ventura using v7.9.2, but $NameAlignment should set horizontal alignment of $Name & $Subtitle (and has done since c.v9) :

N.B. use US English spelling of ‘center’ (so not ‘centre’) for centred alignment.

See NameAlignment and the Text Inspector’s Title tab.

If I recall

Thank you Mark. I made the change, but nothing happens. As you can see on the screenshot, the title of my container is center aligned.

OK. Tinderbox. Wow. I am speechless.

Ah, I missed the Backstage aspect. Essentially, what got broken is now fixed but not yet in the current public release. I swap from public release to betas all the time. I thought I’ was using v9.7.2 but must have been in the beta. Note to self: check version more thoroughly before posting. My apologies!


Yes! That’s what we often say in… French when we’re very happy.


Tinderbox: what a tool!

Also examine $NameVerticalAlignment (top|center|bottom) for extra delight.