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How to change default highlighting color

Hello! Just can’t find it anywhere…

  1. How to set as default the same nice and not too bright highlighting color as in last presentation? (Or I should wait till 9.1?) Default colors is just too bright. I really can’t understand why most programs make such bright color by default — it is painful to read.
  2. How to change default set of highlighting colors?
  3. How to set hotkey for highlighting?
  4. How to change default set of colors in Format->Style?
  1. Here (macOS 10.0.1, OS light mode) highlights don’t look ‘bright’. I’m not sure if the OS colour mode and/or app colour scheme in use affect highlights.

  2. Highlight colours are set by the app and aren’t user configurable.

  3. Cmd+Shift+Y (⌘⇧Y) set the current $Text selection to yellow highlight. There are no app-defined shortcuts for the other colours. Lok up you to set your own custom (OS) shortcuts or use a tool like Keyboard Maestro to drive the menus for you. In fairness, Tinderbox has a lot of shortcuts defined, so there aren’t many ‘spare’ combinations.

  4. The user can’t do this.

Given the range and depth of extra control you want here why not rmail support tinderbox@eastgate.com and make a feature request. Thus you can explain the rationale for the extra engineering needed and investigate the inevitable edge case problems that emerge.

HTH :slight_smile:

Understood. Thank you!