How to change the background color of an hover expression?

Hello everyone! About Hover Expression, I read this on Tinderbox Reference File:

“The panel is always a translucent dark panel with white text.”

… but, just in case, I was wondering if there was an action code (?) or anything else to adjust the background colour of an hover expression? I’d like to switch from black to white or another color.

Thank you!

I’ve not seen a documented method for this. Testing with various different built-in colour schemes suggests that the background is always dark.

If you’re thinking of suggesting a new feature I recommend making clear whether you want a (more?) harmonious contrast for your current colour scheme or a note-specific background colour.


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Currently, it’s always black.

You could work around this by specifying a hover image of a solid color. But that’s pretty crufty.

I’ll consider this.

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Thank you! It’s very fine as it is, but Tbx lets you think you could refine again and again what it’s already at (its) best. I’d dare a comparison: it’s like adjusting a very accurate coffee grinder. You know that you can push your grinder in its last limits, but one have to try again and again, up to a last and least point.