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How to change the default Text link linkType?

Currently, when you assign a new Basic(note to note) or Text link (text to note), the default linktype is *untitled, which makes these two semantic links virtually indistinguishable in map view.


Instead, I would prefer to be able to change the default Text linkType to something more distinctive to indicate it is a text link visually in Map view. Currently, I do this manually by hand, one by one. For example a gray dashed line for my Text link. Here is an example screenshot


Question: How can I automate this and change the default text linktype? Is there an attribute I am missing? Is this possible? Thanks in advance.


You don’t explain which of many methods you are using to create the link. Many of these offer a method during linking to set the desired link type.

If dragging links in map view, when you make the first link, on the Create Link pop-over pop-up open the Type pop-up menu and select the desired type before you click the Create Link button. Tinderbox then remembers that link type (i.e. the last used) when making a new link and until you change the type. The zip-link method for making text links does not currently have a syntax option for setting a specific link type as part of the zip-code input; zip-created links are always of the doc default of '*untitled".

For clarity, the zip method does not ‘inherit’ the doc’s last-used link type such as is remembered for manually dragged links. Then again, if they did, you’d still need to make a manual link in order to change the link-type a zip-method link might inherit. So not as useful perhaps as having the type defined in the zip-code. But the latter’s full syntax is already rather Byzantine so shimming in another option might be challenging.