How to compare two lists and mark matched names

I’m trying to make TBX compare two lists of names and then tag each name that appears on both. One list contains invitees, and the second list contains invitees who’ve accepted the invitation. (That’s how the platform I’m working with delivers the data.)

The first goal is to figure a rate of acceptance. Second, to track lag times from invitation to acceptance. Later, other goals.

I’ve tried two approaches: primarily, an agent, but also the “collect_if()” function. In both, the idea has been to start by looking for matches between the two lists. Matches would be marked with an “$accepted” boolean or “$connection” date attribute. (I checked it all against examples in several of Michael Becker’s videos.)

I suppose there are a variety of strategies that would work. I think of so many that, frankly, I’ve tended to confuse these various ideas while I’m working, which messes up everything. Now I’m just left in a muddle, and by now it’s hard to recall and describe everything I’ve tried.

So, the main question: How would you set this up? Any help is welcome.

Suppose we have two sets, $Invited and $Accepted. Then:

  • $Invited.intersect($Accepted) is a set of people who have been both invited and accepted.
  • $Accepted.count/$Invited.count is the acceptance rate.
  • $Invited-$Accepted is a set of people who have been invited but have not accepted.

Wow, so simple! Thank you, Mark!

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