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How to confirm this dialog box? - What am i missing?


Speaks for itself, sometimes it is not obvious how to proceed > how can I confirm that I want this attribute created?

F.I. I’ve been struggling with display adapters lately and have experienced this ‘can’ influence TBX’s behaviour. In this case I don’t experience any indication that this is the case.

Thanks for helping out!


Pressing Escape or clicking outside the pop-up will dismiss it. The dialog should not appear empty but only when you’ve used the KA configurator and added a non-existant attribute name.

By accident, I think I’ve found the glitch causing the empty pane. If you add a KA value that is both not a current attribute name and is an illegal string value for a name, the attribute creation pop-up shows up empty. In the latter case, I think the second pop-over should not show. To recreate in v6.6.5b216 (10.12.2):

  • Make a new doc
  • Add and title a note, select its text pane
  • Open the KA configurator (’+’ button) and type in 3x2z as a value in the top box and hit Return.
  • The undefined attribute pop-up show, but empty. I presume because “3x2z” is not valid as a Tinderbox attribute name.

Note that if you mix valid and invalid undefined KA strings, e.g. FooBar and 3x2z then the second pop-up just shows the valid item (“Foobar”) and otherwise functions correctly.

Thus a background check is needed that if non-defined attributes are set by the user and all such items are illegal names the process should fail silently and not show the second pop-up. An alternative, that breaks Tinderbox’s general no-error-messages approach, would be to show the second pop-up and list an invalid string with a message “attribute name syntax illegal” in place of the current date-type and tick-box controls. The massage might need tighter copy to indicate the chosen name breaks naming rules, rather than simply not yet being defined. If a users first experience of this second pop-up occurs where only a ‘bad’ string has been used the message needs to be unambiguous - i.e. you can make new attribute - just not one using the string supplied.

Marc, thanks for hopping in!
I just upgraded to 6.6.5 (b216) on MarkB’s suggestion. I checked Steve Zeoli’s video Part 1, somewhere @ 5:11 where he adds a user defined Attribute.
Then i knew.

I also noticed something else:
If you have the color picker already open, and you are e.g. creating a prototype and want to choose its color, then TBX does not react to the color you choose on the already open color picker. Closing it and opening it again does the trick.

I have one more question, maybe more mac related than TBX:
As I’m an avid multi monitor user, I’m often struggling with the mac’s tendency to open pop-up windows astray. In the example of the color picker, this would then open, but maybe in some far off sight location (probably because it was open at that location before, maybe when only in single monitor use…)

Now my point:
Is there any way to keep ‘windows’ from a single application ‘gathered’ together?
I’m in fact thinking more of a Photoshop or Adobe illustrator type way of docking vs undocking panes.
To me this would be a huge +

How do other users perceive this?