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How to disable "up" key in maps

Just started using TB and loving it!

One thing I accidentally do in map view is use the “up” key, intending it to move to the node just above (or to pan the view) — going to the outer container is not what I mean. Is there a way to disable this shortcut, or more generally, a way to change shortcuts?


The shortcuts are not configurable within the app. I guess you could make a custom shortcut outside that captures that keystroke and does nothing (using something like Keyboard Maestro?). If that’s possible you’d also need to ensure that shortcut is ‘loaded’ on the system before you open Tinderbox so the existing shortcut suppresses Tinderbox’s shortcut for that key combination.

Generally, selection/sizing/movement in the Map view is done with the trackpad/mouse. You can use the left-right arrow keys to cycle through the note’s objects in $OutlineOrder, though once you get to the first/last item there is no selection (i.e. you can’t use the arrow keys to go ‘back’ without first selecting an item).

Thank you! I will try keyboard maestro… which seems super useful in any case.

That worked, with this modification: I made three macros that work only on TB (thus, in contrast to what you said, TB is active first): the first one swallows up up/down keys; the remaining two map a different key to the up key (respectively, down key). That way I retain the functionality without falling prey to my finger’s wish to press up/down keys.

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Thanks for the follow-up, as that sort of hard-to-guess detail will be of help to others.