How to exclude a prototype from an agent?

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to figure out how I could exclude a prototype from an agent. In the inspector, my request is: $Projet=“Journal” and the prototype is already filled with that mention. Does it exist any “exclude function” or does an agent necessarily gather every note which contains itself the request prototype? Thanks for your attention.

OK, so you want every note whose Projet attribute value is “Journal”:




The prototype is “Journal”:


If for some reason that prototype has both a $Projet value of “Journal” and has set itself as a prototype, you can either fix those parameters or add to the query:


So, all together as a query:

$Projet=="Journal" & $Prototype=="Journal" & $IsPrototype==false

To match the alias query, all three terms must be true.

Does that help?

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Yes, this new query works! Thank you so much.

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I’m a big fan of defensive programming! But I don’t think there’s a way for a note to be its own prototype — very bad things would happen if it were possible — so either $Prototype=="Journal" or $IsPrototype==false would suffice.

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I figured as much. Ha, I was writing defensively (!) as I didn’t have time to do a detailed test. :slight_smile: