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How to export a memo to HTML


I have done the following to export a memo with images to HTML. Is there an easier way to export?

File>Built-in Templates>HTML
Select the memo you want to export
Set Template to /Templates/HTML page/HTML item
File>Export>as HTML

Not everyone uses HTML export so they are there for the user to add to a document as/when needed.
You only need to do this once per TBX document

Actually, if you add an HTML template to a document for the first time, it becomes the default template for all HTML documents. You can always add other templates and change assignments. Using the Export Inspector is just one of many ways to set a notes export template.

This will work, though by default this exports all notes (except things like the Prototypes container) unless you disable export of individual notes. If you only want to export one note (or one page compiled from several notes, File > Export Selected Note should do fine.

People use HTML export in very varied ways so a default to ‘just’ export note(s) would likely be ideal for not one.

So in summary, the only real necessary precursor action to using export to HTML, is to add an export template (or create one of your own).

What is your end game? To have an exported HTML file, or are you just trying to get your content out?

If it is to just get content out, you can turn on the Text Pane Selector and view your memo in Preview (you’ll need to have the HTML template installed). In preview to a ⌘A to select all to put you memo on the clipboard. You can then copy and paste to email, word, etc.

You may find the training videos helpful:

I’d also like to know how to export memos with images to Scrivener while maintaining the hierarchy, but I don’t have any knowledge about templates, so I’d like to learn a little before asking.

This method is good. My ultimate goal is to duplicate a specific set of notes into Word to create a document, so I think it will work.

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We can help you with templates when you’re ready. They can help create a wide variety of previews that you can copy from preview. See my last couple of videos.

BTW, check out this training video:


And, consider this.

If you select a single note that has not children you can copy the preview and paste it into Word.

If you select a note that has children and copy the preview you can copy the preview and the note and all of its descendants are copied. You can then paste the whole thing.

As I show in the above-mentioned video, once you start working with templates, you can then adjust how the preview will look.

I know you’re new to templates. If you give a mockup (hand-drawn is fine) I’d be happy to help build a template for you and show you how to use it.

Don’t forget that you can export directly to Word, too.

Sorry, must have missed that. How?

File ▸ Export As Text.
Select the doc format, which is Word’s native file format.

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Ah, wonderful!!! :slight_smile: I can see how this would work for the whole doc., but it does not seem to export the children of the selection note, like it does for Export HTML. Most of the time I would only want to export sections, not the entire doc an not just one note.

In outline view, expand the sections you want to export and select the notes you want to export :slight_smile:

Yup, I see that now. Will need to experiment more and see what carries through with the formatting between the different methods. Thanks for the education.