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How to export just images located in the text panel?

Hi everyone,

I have a tinderbox document in which I have collected images in the text panel located in multiple notes. For the sake of simplicity, lets say I have a container (/Data/Cities/Dallas) that has 100 notes. Some are text only, many have images embedded within the text.

If I select all my notes: how can I export just the images? Other thoughts that come to mind would be to use the Attribute Browser? Even if I find these notes, I am getting stuck on how to export them.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t believe there’s any build-in method that reports if $Text contains images. so for now you’ll need to tag that yourself, if needed.. I’m forgetful. See $ImageCount (thanks to @eastgate for correcting my error)

HTML Export does export images, but currently (I just re-tested with v7.3.1) text export does not. See more.

Attribute Browser won’t help as there are no images-related attributes of use for which to browse.

If you select multiple notes (containing images) the composite text view in the text pane will show the images. I copied that text and was able to paste it to a TextEdit new document (though text/image sizes varied a it).

I sense you might have a feature request, so it’s worth emailing in a request and your use case if you need more control over image export.

Thanks Mark, with your help, I successfully exported the images in the text pane.

Here are the steps I used:

  1. Copied the container with its children into a fresh new tinderbox document
  2. Set up an html template and assigned it to the note to use when exporting
  3. Chose export as html
  4. This will create a subfolder with the images
  5. Filter the folder by .jpg and Voila.


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$ImageCount will tell you whether a note has any images.

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I’ve fixed my earlier post for later readers of this thread. Thanks for the correction.