How to implement visual project progress in Tinderbox?

It looks like this. I feel that tinderbox may be able to achieve this.

Easily, I believe. See the Backstage program Tinderbox: Tinderbox Backstage for details/\

By the way: do you actually have Tinderbox?

Is there a javascript library for this? Looks like a paid service.

I believe this is a “radial treemap”, sometimes known as a “sunburst chart”. Lots of libraries do this — D3 is one.


I tried Goalscape as the visual overview seemed potentially very useful for project plans, but the app is compromised by not allowing genuine links - other than to internet sites. Not being in the X-callback loop (e.g. to link to note URLs in any other app) seriously limits its scope fro my purposes . Back to TBX timelines …

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