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How to import grouped stamps via Finder?

Hi, I’ve got a folder of txt files with stamp code and an Alfred workflow that copies the chosen file’s content. This makes it easy to reuse stamps in new documents.

Via watched folder I now exported this code as .tbxstamp files as I’d like to have everything in one go: the code, the name and the stamp’s group (via its name). The idea is to let the Alfred workflow reveal the stamp file instead of just copying the code.

However it’s not possible to export stamp files that would be grouped in the receiving Tinderbox because the necessary colon : is omitted.

  • Note name in Tinderbox:

  • Exported file’s name:
    Copy Path.tbxstamp

Same when dragging a stamp from inspector to Finder:

  • Stamp name in Tinderbox:

  • Exported file’s name:

  • Imported into another Tinderbox:

I could drag directly between Tinderbox documents but it’s not really what I’d like to do. Is the omitted colon an overlooked problem or am I missing something?

File names can’t contain colons, and hierarchical stamps didn’t exist when this code originated. We’ll find a way.


I assumed that’s the reason. Thanks!