How to join Tinderbox Backstage?

Can’t seem to find a link to sign up …

See Tinderbox: Tinderbox Backstage

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I am very interested. I recall that my biggest problem has been that it does not support the statistics of Chinese characters. Is there such a function in this pre-emptive plan?

Tinderbox supports unicode text and has done since v6. With non-roman scripts there may be additional factors over input, etc. In other words, just being able to have Chinese script in $Text (albeit flowing in left-right.up-down form) may not cover all your needs.

So, a tentative ‘Yes’, but in what version did you last check this feature? Certainly, i’ve seen no Release notes of late that specifically mentioned Chinese text. This is a specialist enough question that you’d be well advised to ask the developer directly so you can directly discuss where the app does/doesn’t meet your needs:

I’m unclear, not reading Chinese, exactly what you mean here. If you’re interested, for example, in word count, then the upcoming Tinderbox 9.6 should give accurate word counts for Chinese.

『字数统计』It’s four Chinese characters

Typora returns the correct Chinese character count, which is 4 Chinese characters

Tinderbox will return 2, Tinderbox only supports English statistics, not Chinese statistics

It’s been discussed here:How Do I automatically keep track of my daily writing progress? - #2 by mwra

This is four characters, yes. But is it four words? (I do not read Chinese, alas)

According to my friend Deepl, 字数统计 means “word count”. It seems plausible to me that Chinese might have words denoting “word” and “count”, though of course it might not.

The current situation is actually a response to the discussion you cited. Previously, we used a fast but simple algorithm based on whitespace separating words, and this is useless in Chinese. Now, we use a neural net, which is significantly slower for everyone, but more accurate.

The feature of Chinese word count is my main motivation for being interested in this program. My current writing requires word count to meet daily fixed writing goals. If I were to join this plan, approximately how long would it take for me to experience the Chinese word count feature?

You are seeing the new WordCount, I believe, in 9.5.2.

My understanding is that 字数统计 is 4 characters, 2 words. And I believe Tinderbox reports $WordCount as 2 words.

I must be missing something here! (I’m sorry I have no Chinese; Linda, who does, is at a conference this week.)