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How to make EagleFiler record links work?


Does anyone know how to make EagleFiler record links work?

If I copy a record link in EagleFiler and paste it into, say, TextEdit, I can click on the file link that is generated to navigate to that folder or record. Examining the link shows it is of the form:


However, if I paste the link into TB, I get something that looks like a link and acts like a link, but doesn’t navigate to the EagleFiler element.

However, if I do the same thing with, say, an Omnifocus task, it works (in TB), but the link is of the form:


So, perhaps this is a multi-library problem and TB can’t handle the “open” command in the link?

Thank you,

It’s not a Tinderbox issue; we’re passing the link to the system, which should pass it to EagleFiler.

What happens if you paste this link into Safari?

Hi @eastgate,

Thanks for that suggestion…Safari asked me if I wanted to allow it to open the link before doing so, which made me think maybe Tinderbox needed full disk access, and it did!

Simply adding Tinderbox to the full disk access list solved my problem.

Thank you,