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How to make links between notes in the new Tinderbox?

Since Tinderbox lost it’s pre-v.6 floating window, I am lost as to how to properly make links. Is there a comprehensive guide to this somewhere? The help file refers to the old version. None of it seems as easy as it used to and I haven’t been able to locate a video tutorial of any kind. Thanks.

My Help file for Tinderbox v.7.3.0 seems to be up-to-date as far as Links go. From the Help file:
Text Links

Links may also be anchored to any span of text inside a note. To make a text link, select the text you wish to link. Then, click on the text link parking space above the text pane and drag the link to its destination — or to the main parking space.

Clicking on a text link follows the link in Tinderbox, or, if it’s a Web link, opens the link in your browser. If you want to edit linked text, option-click in the link to set the insertion point without following the link.

The “text link parking space” is the small circle to the left of the Note Name in the top border of the Note Pane.

I have been able to select text, then click-and-drag from the TLPS to a Note Title in the Outline browser and make a link.

To make links to Notes that are not visible, drag the TLPS to “Link Parking Space” (a circle left of the left-most tab) and drop it. Then make the target visible, and drag from the LPS and drop on the target.

Accept the defaults in the “make link?” dialog. They are superannuated for most users.

HTH. Just a beginner, but I just looked this up.

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Oh, that’s working for me now. Thanks so much!

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