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How to manage a set of templates for multiple projects?

Thanks @webline for your demo! This is a good way to manage multiple projects based on the same code base.

Is it possible to use a similar approach also for templates?

I run serval (research/writing) projects where every project has the same set of 50+ templates. As I change the templates now and then it would be convenient to apply the changes to all my other projects.

The most convent would be an external folder (with all project related templates file) which I just link to each project.

Right now, I use one of my project as master from where I copy the templates into the other project files. This works, but maybe there is something else/quicker/smarter I could do?

Thanks for your advice.

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sure - I love the great concept behind TBX: everything is a note or an attribute. So I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use the same approach for your templates. I tested it with the “special” containers in the /hints structure (Stamps and Library) and they behave like all other containers - so I assume that /Templates will do it too. There is a $IsTemplate attribute - maybe you need to set this - just a guess.

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Thanks, I will try this out. Wasn’t aware I could distinguish this by the doc type.