How to quickly insert a template?

The template I’m referring to is the screenshot below, which shows three notes in the map view with different locations and lengths. I use this template to analyze problems.

The effect I hope to achieve is that by pressing a shortcut key, I can insert the following three notes.

I have already used the Quick Stamp feature and customized shortcut keys on my Mac to modify note size and color using shortcuts, but I don’t know how to use a shortcut key to insert multiple notes as a template.


Hey there, the terminology here is important. In Tinderbox parlance, “Template” means something very specific. To achieve what you’re looking to do, may I suggest you create a prototype with the three notes in it. See attached. There is an $OnAdd to My Projects. Add a note to My Projects. It will be assigned the pAnalysis prototype, which will add the three notes you’re looking for.

TBX Protoypte Demo.tbx (141.4 KB)

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It was the first time I realized that the prototype could play like this

This has helped me a lot. Thank you Michael Becker

However, I have one strange observation. Why is pAnalysis associated with $OnAdd instead of $Prototype?

Associates would be the wrong term. The $OnAdd is a one time application of action code when a note is added to the container. In this case we are saying apply the pAnalysis prototype to notes added to this container.

“pAnalysis” is the value that is currently stored in $Prototype of “Buy A Blue Rag”. This typically means that the note “Buy A Blue Rag” is an Analysis.

“” is the value that is currently stored in $OnAdd of “Buy A Blue Rag”. The OnAdd attribute is a place where you can store an action to be performed when creating a note inside this note, or moving a note into this note.

Both $Prototype and $OnAdd are examples of Attributes. Tinderbox notes have more than 500 built-in attributes, and you can define more. Most built-in attributes have special meaning to Tinderbox; for example, $Color is the color of the note. Every attribute is defined for every note. Some notes display a few especially interesting attributes in a table, called the Displayed Attributes table: the Displayed Attributes of this particular note include $Prototype and $OnAdd. (Fun fact: $DisplayedAttributes is also an attribute!)

@montaus : could you perhaps tell us who you are, and what you’re trying to do? That would help people help you more effectively. You might also find the Tinderbox manual (in the Help menu) and tutorials (also in the Help menu) of interest.