How to reenable inheritance for several hundred notes with the same prototype

I don’t see any efficient way to apply a new set of attributes to several hundred notes. I do not mean attribute values; I mean the set of attributes. I’ve tried just reassigning the notes with a new prototype, but that doesn’t seem to work. I’ve also tried using a stamp to change the prototype; the stamp works but it still fails to change the set of attributes. I have about 400 notes that need this. Suggestions?

If you mean the attributes that are displayed at the top of a note then this will set them back:


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That works! I thought there MUST be something like that. Thanks, Pete.

Some links to explain the above:

Setting a prototype ($Prototype) for a note only inherits the Displayed Attributes if the note’s own $DisplayedAttributes does not have its own value set. If there is a (‘local’) value this break inheritance of the prototype’s $DisplayedAttributes—or that of the document default for the attribute.

Thus, up-thread, re-setting $DisplayedAttributes for the affected note(s) re-enables inheritance. If, as here a prototype is set, the prototype’s $DisplayedAttributes selection is used. If the prototype has no local value for $DisplayedAttributes, then the notes re-inherit the document default.

Got it. Thank you, Mark.

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