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How to resize an adornment without inadvertently changing the font of the adornment name

Hi Folks,
I am finding that when I create an adornment and try to resize it, the text I have used to name the adornment changes font size. For example, making the adornment bigger, makes the font size bigger. Is there a way to increase/change the size of an adornment without altering the appearance of the adornment label text please? Cheers, JR

I can’t replicate this in v8.1.1 (on macOS 10.14.6) in a document with default settings?

I wonder if you have changed the Document Setting for note title sizing to ‘Expand proportionately’ as that setting does resize the title font size as the object (note, adornment, container, etc.) is re-sized.

Thanks Mark. I’ve tried in vain to find the Document Setting field for “note title sizing” to check what it is set to, but can’t locate it. Can you mention how to invoke it please? I was using Command-8 and then hunting around the “maps” dialogue boxes. I did change to “Modern” in the “Colors” tab based on Bek Tench’s video tutorial but that doesn’t explicitly change the note title sizing as far as I can see. Cheers, JR

See Edit > Document Settings… > Maps

Brilliant Paul - thank you!

I see @PaulWalters has thankfully answered the question. But, I’m confused. Are you saying you read the page I linked to and couldn’t understand how to invoke a pop-up list? That’s not snark - I write aTbref to help others and I’m unclear what I’ve missed in the article to which I linked. Is the problem that I didn’t explicitly mention the control is a pop-up? I’ll admit I’d assumed that was self-evident from the UI (which is illustrated on the page) but maybe that’s wrong.

Anyway, please tell me as the resource isn’t much use if people can’t use it to understand the app and I’m always open to improvements.

Hi Mark, the resource page you linked to was indeed crystal clear and would have done the trick, but for the fact that, working in haste (and multitasking), I’d overlooked that the mention of “note title sizing” in your posting was a hot link that needed to be clicked. Also, because I was thinking about the issue in the context of an “adornment”, I was not registering the relevance of “note” title size. Thanks again for your great (and patient) work, both here in the forum and with Tbref.