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How to set a Default tbx?

It seems there used to be a way to tell Tinderbox to always open with a default tbx, but I can’t seem to get it to autostart with anything other than untitled.
A bit confused as to why one would always want to start with a new document.

Tinderbox used to (until v5?) re-open a TBX if you closed the app with the doc still open. I don’t think that works now - as I’m always changing docs it’s not a feature I’ve ever relied on. See next answer!

At present , Tinderbox always opens a new doc on opening or on taking focus and no doc is open. The new app does have a longer recent files list and that’s how I generally get a regular files. See the File menu’s ‘Open Recent’ and ‘Open Favourites’ sub-menus.

Tinderbox always reopens documents that were open when you quit, provided you have not checked CLOSE WINDOWS WHEN QUITTING AN APP in System Preferences:General.


Perhaps I close Tinderbox too often.

I put my most commonly used documents in the dock, then opening one is a simple one-click.