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How to Set Up an Evernote Watched Folder

Can someone please outline the steps I need to take to set up an Evernote Watched folder. I’ve tried several times without success.

  1. On my iOS mobile, I create an Evernote Notebook call “1 Evernote Watched”

  2. I go to TBX. Enter File>Watch>Notebook from Evernote. An empty note appears that says: “Imported from Evernote”

  3. I go back to Evernote. I enter a note “This is a test” and save it. I refresh Evernote

  4. I go back to TBX and click on the “Imported from Evernote” tab. Nothing happens. The note has no content. What am I doing wrong?

  5. How would I do it for DTPO on the Go?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Gilbert K Zachary

Try saving your Tinderbox file, and then reopen it.

Tinderbox watched folders are checked when a document is opened, and thereafter at fairly long intervals; this avoids using too much of your battery.

Thank you. That helped greatly. It took a few tries but it worked.