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How to sort two distinct population of notes into two separate columns

i have an academic paper (right now about 4000 words) of literary criticism that i have broken down into approx. 25 sequential notes (1 paragraph: 1 note). i also have approx 30 notes that contain my ideas about this paper from research i have done but have not yet inserted into the paper (i would normally call these research notes but wish to avoid semantic confusion). i wish to put all of the paragraph notes and the research notes into one container, sort them into the two populations that they are (there are two prototypes: paragraph and research each with its own color) as two columns (paragraphs on left; research ideas on right) so that i can create links from right to left before incorporating the research ideas into the paper. i am not new to writing papers but this way of doing it intrigues me.

it seems to me that if in fact there is no present mechanism for doing this, it might prove useful to others as well. i realize that what i want may be a coding nightmare.

i do not think creating the links with the two populations in two different containers would be as visually helpful but i am open to any solution.

any help appreciated.


Missing from your description is:

  • on what data does each column sort?
  • what data links each research note with its source

Sorting & column layouts are perfectly possible, but the app can’t guess. You need the above two and then it should not be too complex.

If you don’t have the above then it might help to know when metadata (i.e. attributes) you do have that might help figure the in-column and column-to-column relationships.

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