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How to trim empty space when printing/copying a map view as an image?

Hello all,

Is there a way to “trim” the image, removing empty space around the notes? (I mean, natively in Tinderbox, without having to resort editing it in Preview)

I found this discussion here, but trying to move the notes option-selecting only produced more blank space.

I believe that Copy View As Image always includes the origin, {0,0}, in the view. So, moving your notes closer to the origin should help.

If you like, send a copy to tech support (tinderbox@eastgate.com) and we’ll take a look.

Yes, now I get it:

Thank you.

Feature idea: a discrete, transparent overlaying cross indicating {0,0} on the map view could be useful.

You can make a note and set its Xpos and Ypos with a rule. That will also show you where the origin is, after which you can delete the note.

Just so I’m sure I understand you: you mean a translucent cross, I expect? If it were transparent, you wouldn’t be able to see it, right?

Of course! I imagined something like a watermark.

Ages ago child maps used to a have a watermark on their parent container viewport, though there was never IIRC a {0,0} watermark.

FWIW, if you open the ma view context (right-click) menu (see) the map co-ordinates of the click position are shown at the top of the menu. IOW, you can easily check where on the overall map the currently displayed section in the view is located.

For my 2¢, it is useful to know where 0,0 is—or have a function to scroll to there, as it is pertinent in situations like above. The problem comes with features like doing image exports. could such a watermark be ‘non-printing’, IOW now exported to image/print? I suspect that’s not easy.

. Oddly that’s not documented. I think the feature was dropped in v4 when scrollable container viewports arrived. It certainly disappeared before the v6+ re-engineering of the app. Ah, the viewport ‘shadow’ was removed in v4.5.0, se RN $seq 1529.

@mwra I think you’re right. A function to scroll to the point of origin would be a simpler and better approach. It would also be useful for quickly locating where new notes are dropped when the Map View is an agent, or if you work with Watched folders.
As for key binding suggestions, in MindNode ⌘R is used to (roughly) center the main node. ^L would also be intuitive for some people.

Of course, more difficult here than in a mind map as a Tinderbox doesn’t necessarily have a main node and Tinderbox maps have no requirement for links (an aspect of spatial hypertext is inferring such links without making them explicit).

A workaround I’ve also used in the past, if the app is confused about the content is to make a transparent bordered, un-named adornment that enclosed the whole map (content)m and send it to the back. This gives a frame such that even if the exported image is the wrong ‘paper’ size, you can a built-in crop marker.