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How to undo a "Dance"

Came across the “Dance” feature for arranging notes in a map, very cool.

Unfortunately, I happened to then use it when I didn’t want to, and now I can’t get my previous arrangement back (there’s no Undo for this!)

Is it possible to perhaps go back to a previous “state” of the Tinderbox doc?

I’m hoping there’s a way to avoid manually moving tons of notes around!


Immediately after using View > Arrange > Dance you can use Edit > Undo Dance to return the map to the condition it was before using “Dance”. You can continue using “Undo” if you make other changes as long as you are on that map tap or haven’t closed the file.

(Further to the previous reply)

I’d note this feature is flagged as experimental. In the Tinderbox world this means it is still evolving. If you just want to try out the feature for fun, just to see what does, a safer route is to make a copy of you TBX so you can be as destructive as you like.

In saying that I don’t mean to suggest the feature is trivial. Rather, there are plenty of users with long-lived mature TBXs and at present some of the edge cases are hard to predict.

Also note that over and above an ‘undo’ there current session may have previous snapshots (File -> Recent version). Plus there is Time Machine. If you’re not using the latter and just trying things out, I’d truly suggest tinkering with a copy of your file - or make a test file.

Also just updated aTbRef as I’d omitted to add ‘Dance’ to the arrange menu and cross-link it, etc. Now updated and live.

Dancing is undoable in Tinderbox 7.5.3

Thanks for all the tips!

Luckily this was in a place where I could “isolate the blast” and keep working.

I think my error was (1) not coming across “Undo Dance”, and then (2) trying the plain “Undo” and then seeing it not work.

Appreciate all the work that goes into making a product like this :slight_smile:

Just for clarity – there is only one “Undo” command in the menu (or the standard macOS ⌘Z shortcut). The menu will say “Undo Dance” or “Undo blah blah” depending the latest action taken. You can undo the last action, or the penultimate action, or the one before that, and so on, up to a point when the stack of available undos ends. When a document is closed, the undo stack is cleared and the command no longer has effect.