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How to use built in composites

I’m trying to figure out how to use a built in Composite. I like the concept a lot, but I can’t figure out the next step.

I’ve created one using the built in tool, now what?

  • Can I add an agent to the composite?
  • Can use this as a template so I can keep re-using it? I see that I can copy/paste it from the composite box. In other words, what if I wanted to created a second lecture?


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Oh, I get it. Once you invoke the built in composite, then you can use it as a template.

Still playing with the possibilities, i.e can I make my own built in composite.

If you create a container named Composites at the root of your outline, and then create composites within that container, and, finally, give the composite a name, then that composite becomes a master. Your personal master composites will appear in Note > Create Composite and you can create new instances of those composites by choosing one from that menu.

To name a composite click the composite on a map view and choose the pencil icon

Note that the if you create a composite based on a master, and then change the master, the instances are not updated.

You could add an agent to a composite, but then you could end up with lots of instances of that agent. Which might not be a good idea.

For more info, see the various articles on composites, special attributes related to composites, composite operators, and composite-related actions at aTbRef


Resurrecting the thread to add a wrinkle I’ve just discovered.

If you create a composite outside the /Composites container and name it, then drag the new composite into the /Composites container, then it won’t appear in the Create Composite list.

This is because when you drag the composite into /Composites, it loses its name. You have to rename it again in the /Composites container, then it works as expected.

Took me about fifteen minutes to work this one out, so I’m adding it here in case anyone else is stuck…

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Bumping this. Tbx 8.7.1

I can’t get this to work.

— Container at root named ‘Composites’
— One manually created composite with two notes
— Named
— File saved

But it does not show in the menu. What simple thing am I doing wrong?

File ▸ Built In Composites creates new composite exemplars in the Composites container. It’s a list of built-in examples, to which you can add your own.

To instantiate a composite – including one you’ve added yourself – right-click or ctrl-click at the place in the map view where you want to add the composite and select your composite from the Composite.

You may need to enter the Composites container and double-check that your composite is named.

My problem seems to have been that yes I can create a Composite in the Composite container and it will serve as a bespoke exemplar, but it will not be possible to create an instance in the Composite container where I was experimenting.

Many thanks.