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How to use export templates

I need to export a document to Aeon. Mark has posted a template which I think would do the job, or at least would be a start.


I created a new template called Aeon, but I can’t figure out how to use it! How I assign a template to a container? I saved it as a template, then opened HTML Inspector and assigned it. But I got the normal HTML page template as a result.

I must confess I can’t understand how export works… and I read a lot of posts and the new Tinderbox Help, which I think is really good but lacks this information.

Thanks in advance,


See this demo on exporting: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/tbdemos/TB7-HTML-export.dmg Although written under v7 the process is still the same. Once you understand the overall process you want to look at https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/Export/Exportenvelopeandlettert.html

Thanks a lot, Mark.

May I suggest some ideas that can help people like me that are completely unable to export? A kind of export for dummies observations.

  • It’s important to understand that what we see in the text window is the rendering of an html page. First thing to do to understand what happens in TB is to select “show text pane inspector.” I think the default should be to show it…

  • In your example would be useful to have the html atributes used as a Key atribute, to see how it happens. How to set a a template for a note to export? It is not obvious.

  • For me it was difficult to understand how to use more than one template for the same export. With your example I figured that the second template is evoked by the assigned template. I was thinking that each kind of note had a different template…

It’s just to help you understand the kind of problems we face when trying to use export.

Again, thanks!


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There are now LOTS of ways to export without using templates – and these have been in place for ages.

I know, Mark. I was trying to export to Aeon, that was why I needed to understand templates. But Tinderbox offers a lot more of flexibility than Aeon, I have a deadline… so I will learn how to use templates another time.

The section in Tinderbox Help should help. If you get stuck, some of the forum regulars are well versed in template lore and will, I think, be delighted to help.

The core idea is a lot like Mail Merge: a template is like a form letter where we substitute values from the note.

This is note ^title.
This note was made on ^value($Created.format(L))

Export to Aeon Timeline (AT)? If I recall one thing it is that you want to set up any extra AT fields correctly before trying import as you have to map the incoming fields to your Tinderbox export. Understand you have a deadline and a I’m bit busy here (submitting thesis and off to Hypertext’19) but try this:

Here is the above file. AT export.tbx (93.1 KB)

Must dash, dinner on the stove.

Thanks a lot, Mark! Now I will have time to try it.