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How to view the notes as a focussed view

ok, guys. Here is the problem.

When I am writing or viewing a note. I want to see the note in a distraction-free mode, like a focussed view. Right now I see the 2 views always. One is the map/outline view and the text or note box. Like the screenshot below.

I think I knew how to do it and I forgot how to achieve that. The help notes are not helping me find the exact thing as fast as possible and posting here looks like the best alternative.

Cmd-4 to show only the text pane

Cmd-4 Text only
Cmd-5 Both panes
Cmd-6 Outline/map only

Cmd-7 Links panel

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Further to the above see here and here.

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Yay! sweet. :pray:


oh boy!

Thanks! Never knew about these hidden tool bars.

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BTW, there is a good explanation of the tools bars and everything else Tinderbox in the YouTube videos.

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I do watch them, but I haven’t watched all. They are quite a bit and very useful. While working If I stumble upon a issue, my quickest habit is to post here, but maybe from now on I will check you video. Unfortunately video’s are not searchable like text for a quick answer.

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No problem with posting here. :slight_smile: As for search, the complete there is a description on every video. If you search for your problem they may come up. If not, we can work on the description so that they do.

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