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How you write and inspect your notes at the same time?

Do I understand correctly, that there is no way to open two notes at the same time? Then could you share your workflow: how you simultaneously write a (say, summarizing) note and view other notes? (that is, when it becomes necessary to simultaneously edit one note and see others).

Use View → Text window ( ⌘+⌥+X) to open a note (or more than one) as a separate window. From experience, open the being-referenced-to note as the separate window and do the annotation in the main document window. The document window is single window by design, the text pane (right) shows the note data for the selected view (left) pane item.

Does that help?

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Thank you for your quick and useful response, Mark!
I didn’t know that the text window can be opened in this way!
I saw a page in atbref that you are linking to. But I couldn’t find a way to open a separate text window. Perhaps it is worth adding an indication of the menu or shortcut?
Thank you again for your help!

Understood. Does this change help?

Sorry, Mark, but I can’t see any changes.

Refresh your browser (shift+reload symbol click on Safari), there is now a third paragraph addressing your points (which hopefully I have!).

Now I see it. That’s exactly what is needed!