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Howard Oakley's Storyspace v3 tutorials

Howard Oakley has written an excellent series of articles on his blog exploring Storyspace v3. Most of the articles are pertinent - or will be familiar to - a Tinderbox user as well.

Curated index page of Storyspace articles on his blog: https://eclecticlight.co/2016/01/07/storyspace-3-index-to-articles/

Wordpress’ auto-listing by tag ‘storyspace’: https://eclecticlight.co/tag/storyspace/ - this makes it easier to browse a listing with a bit of extra per-article info & image.

Howard has just updated the index of his excellent series of Storyspace 3 articles: https://eclecticlight.co/2016/10/26/storyspace-and-hypertext-index-to-articles/

Reminder - they may be of use to many Tinderbox users to so are worth a skim over.

Latest update: Analyzing and Telling Changing Narrative in Storyspace

Dear Mark Anderson,
I am afraid this URL is out of connection.


Howard’s site has a search feature. For instance, if you search on his site for for “Storyspace” you might find

which is the current URL for his tutorials.

Dear PaulWalters,
Thank you for your information.

This URL is fully functioning.

Thanks a lot, again.