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Hyperbolic view: any way to open a Text Window?

I doubt it given that the option is shadowed out in the View menu when in HV, and the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work. Just wondering if there’s any trick I’ve missed. I know that I can get to the text by using View and Text in the Window menu, but with the highly visual nature of HV I prefer to be in View only.

Thanks in advance.

It seems not. However, if you can open a tear-off text window in split view (in other view types) why can’t you do it in view only. It doesn’t make any sense. I suspect this is an accidental effect rather than deliberate design.

It’s a previously-unreported artifact. Likely to be addressed soon.


Fantastic! Hyperbolic is such a great view for link addicts like myself. Having Text Windows available will be a real boon.