I asked Chat GPT to write me some TBX Action Code

Me to ChatGPT:
Write me the Tinderbox action code I need to display all notes with text containing “hello world” in an agent in Tinderbox 9.


text=“Find Notes with ‘hello world’”,
code ={
$Name=“Notes with ‘hello world’”;
$Text= “hello world”;

Clearly, this is not correct. :slight_smile:

$AgentQuery type:

$Text.icontains("Hello World")
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Yes, but for all the fancy codingthere’s no intelligence or understanding in LLM-driven tools like chatGPT. So great for writing meaningless or deceptive marketing banter, not so good for a nuclear reactor handbook. The general press is making a real hash of drawing that distinction at present—you’d think they’d have reason to point out the king’s new suit of clothes.


I wonder, though, where it’s getting this code excerpt? It’s not Tinderbox syntax, but it’s a plausible syntax.

I have found thtat ChatCPT makes up a lot of stuff. Sounds credible but totally inaccurate.

In this earlier experiment with ChatGPT, I sensed the source was mostly Adobe apps judging by some of the terminology.

Tinderbox is a tough call for an LLM as there’s not a lot to go on.


If you’re prepared to accept that ChatGPT’s first answer might be a little…or a whole lot…“off,” then maybe it could be a useful resource?

Here’s what Jason Kottke says about coding with ChatGPT:

I’ve also been using ChatGPT for some other programming projects — we whipped the Quick Links into better shape (it can write Movable Type templating code…really!) and set up direct posting of the site’s links to Facebook via the API rather than through Zapier (saving me $20/mo in the process). It has really turbo-charged my ability to get shit done around here and has me thinking about all sorts of possibilities.

*I keep using the word “we” here because coding with ChatGPT — and this is where it starts to feel weird in an uncanny valley sort of wayfeels like a genuine creative collaboration. *It feels like there is a “someone” on the other side of that chat, a something that’s really capable but also needs a lot of hand-holding. *Just. Like. Me.*There’s a back and forth. We both screw up and take turns correcting each other’s mistakes. I ask it please and tell it thank you. ChatGPT lies to me; I gently and non-judgmentally guide it in a more constructive direction (as you would with a toddler). It is the fucking craziest weirdest thing and I don’t really know how to think about it.


Model: GPT-4
Write me the Tinderbox action code I need for an agent to display all notes with text containing “hello world” in an agent in Tinderbox.
Tinderbox is a personal content assistant that helps you visualize, analyze, and share your notes. It allows you to create agents, which are special kinds of notes that automatically gather other notes based on criteria you specify.

To create an agent that gathers all notes with text containing “hello world”, you would specify that criteria in the agent’s query. Here’s how you would set up that agent:

  1. First, create a new agent. You can do this by selecting “Note” from the top menu, then “Create Agent”.

  2. Once the agent is created, you’ll need to specify the query. In the “Action” tab of the inspector window, you can input the agent action code. For your case, you’d input:

    $Text.contains("hello world")

  3. This query will find all notes whose text contains the phrase “hello world”. The agent will automatically update its list of notes as you add or modify notes in your document.

This is a simple example of a query, but Tinderbox’s querying capabilities are quite powerful. You can specify complex criteria to match exactly the notes you’re interested in.