I asked Chat GPT to write me some TBX Action Code

Me to ChatGPT:
Write me the Tinderbox action code I need to display all notes with text containing “hello world” in an agent in Tinderbox 9.


text=“Find Notes with ‘hello world’”,
code ={
$Name=“Notes with ‘hello world’”;
$Text= “hello world”;

Clearly, this is not correct. :slight_smile:

$AgentQuery type:

$Text.icontains("Hello World")
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Yes, but for all the fancy codingthere’s no intelligence or understanding in LLM-driven tools like chatGPT. So great for writing meaningless or deceptive marketing banter, not so good for a nuclear reactor handbook. The general press is making a real hash of drawing that distinction at present—you’d think they’d have reason to point out the king’s new suit of clothes.


I wonder, though, where it’s getting this code excerpt? It’s not Tinderbox syntax, but it’s a plausible syntax.

I have found thtat ChatCPT makes up a lot of stuff. Sounds credible but totally inaccurate.

In this earlier experiment with ChatGPT, I sensed the source was mostly Adobe apps judging by some of the terminology.

Tinderbox is a tough call for an LLM as there’s not a lot to go on.

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