I need help getting my registration code

I purchased Tinderbox over a week ago and have not yet received my registration code.

I did get an order confirmation email. In that email, I was promised a registration code would be coming in a follow up email.

The follow up email never arrived. I have reached out twice to Eastgate (via orders@eastgate.com and info@eastgate.com) and I get no response.

What should I do?

Hi and welocme to the forum. Sorry to hear about this.

Check your email address was passed correctly and your spam box.

Note that this is a user forum so as fellow users we have no access to registration info.

You can also DM @eastgate, the developer.

Welcome to the community BTW. You may find this video archive I’ve been developing helpful as you explore Tinderbox: Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List).

Thank you @satikusala. It was actually your videos that inspired me to become a user. The tool is a bit intimidating TBH, but your tutorials give me hope.

@mwra Thank you for your nice note and welcoming to the community. The folks at Eastgate reached out to me. The hiccup was on their end, but they made it right and I’m back on track.



Cool. Don’t be too intimidated. There are indeed lots of tools in the Tinderbox toolbox but you don’t need them all at once. You’ve already found some useful videos, good! Plus, when you get stuck, the forum’s here. Enjoy your use of Tinderbox.