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I would like to edit links - the side of the note where the link attaches and the text

I have created a map of notes and while creating the map, I quickly linked notes and put some initial link text. Now I have rearranged the notes on my map and I wish to connect the links differently (move connection from left side/edge of note to the same note’s top edge. On some links I wish to change the link text.

I can’t seem to find how to do these steps in the help section.

Any insight would be appreciated!


To change the link anchor point, click on the link in fairly close to the destination. Four large arrows will appear, pointing to the possible link destinations. Drag the link to the arrow you prefer.

To edit the link type, select the note that is the source of the link, and click on the link’s info widget — an “I” enclosed in a circle, near the midpoint of the link. The info popover lets you change lots of link properties, including the link type.

Further to the last, see more at Draggable link anchors.

It is worth noting too, that Tinderbox maps might look like box-and-line diagrams made in OmniGraffle or Visio, etc. However, they are not the same, in that they don’t have intent to offer pixel perfect line placement—because if needed such work can be done by exporting an image map and editing the vector artwork in a specialised drawing app. If you move notes on the map, link departure/arrival points may move automatically (though they can be reset by hand). It is worth knowing as, for instance, you might assume that once hand-set a link attachment point won’t move if the note (or other link end attached note) moves; wrong!

Thank you!!

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