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Idea for a slide presentation mode

Mark, hello! And all the community, greetings!

Here’s an idea I wanted to share with you about a feature that might not be too hard to implement.

How about a Presentation sequence for Map View in which you include notes in order to be presented like an animated slide show? Maybe by creating a special kind of link, which determines the order of the notes to be presented.

Then you’d have, perhaps, a new View (Presentation View) which could function like an ordinary slide show app.

I take that back when I say “might not be too hard to implement”… lol… I should learn never to say things like that.

The thing is, I always wanted to use notes in Map View as slides but the arrow keys provide very limited navigation through notes (only siblings).

I do talk a bit about Tinderbox presentations in The Tinderbox Way.

Links provide another good way to navigate between parts of a presentation.

You mean a presentation which is exported to html, and rendered in a browser?

I was thinking about presenting straight from Map View. Do links navigate between notes?

But on second thought… exporting a presentation to html would be a much better solution. hmmmm…

Then again, it would be great to be able to use the notes’ dashboard features (graphs, tables, etc.) which are not exported, so…

Yes, I use links to navigate between nodes that are widely separated, and presenting from map view.

Oh, wow, I totally missed that! Do you have the recipe posted anywhere?

  1. Select note
  2. Note ▸ Navigate (⌘-Return)

And how does one use Note ▸ Navigate (⌘-Return) if a note has more than 1 outgoing links?

Is Note > Navigate a new feature? I’m using 6.3.2…

I believe that Node ▸ Navigate chooses the first link in the list of links. In Storyspace (where this is most useful), that takes into account link guard fields and the destination $Requires expressions.

The menu choice is fairly new (though it was also available in Tinderbox 5) and 6.3.2 is about 18 months out of date. I’m not sure exactly when it was added; I believe it was at one point on the View menu, too.

Mark, I cannot find the “Navigate” function anywhere.

… and cmd-return only creates a new note.

You might want to update from 6.3.2 to the last version of Tinderbox 6 (6.6.5) or to Tinderbox 7.

Note menu in 6.6.5

Note menu in 7.1.0

In both cases, at least, command-return == Navigate. Unless, the shortcuts have been overridden, e.g., through System Preferences.

Oh, I knew something was up. Thanks, Paul!

BTW, you can do this with Tinderbox 9 and Pandoc and markdown - see: Tinderbox Training Video 34 - Exporting TBX Notes to PPTX with Pandoc, or if you don’t want to go to PPT, see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch.