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Tinderbox vs. The Brain

I’m a windows user, and so I suffer from not being able to use Tinderbox, there is a product available called The Brain, which has multi-view options but not as rich I think as Tinderbox. Has anyone experience with both (or evaluated both) who could to a quick comparison? PS, I’ve been following Tinderbox for several years and it still intrigues me so it’s not out of the question that I may buy a mac mini just to get started with Tinderbox.

The Brain is a nice implementation of the Hyperbolic View, but Tinderbox likely has greater flexibility in most applications.

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Dear Richard M Konecki,

I have been using both Tinderbox 9 and TheBrain 11 & 12.
I am trying to figure it out.
In the end, I would like to consolidate to Tinderbox 9.
The reason for this is the export feature in The Brain.
In the past, when it was called Personal Brain, there were various options.
But unfortunately, there are only three now.
(Folders, Text Outline(.txt), JSON Files)
At first, I bought Personal Brain because “I could apply it to my homepage with HTML”.
Even now, I write my thoughts in TheBrain12 because it is easy to systematize.
Even now, I use TheBrain12 to write down my thoughts, and eventually import them into Tinderbox after exporting them with Text Outline.
I have still hoping that there will be an app that can do what MORE 3 does for the Mac, which I used to love (and is equally capable of replicating?)
of MORE 3, my old favorite app for Mac.
I am hoping to somehow use my current Tinderbox 9 as well as MORE.
The only thing I am worried about is the temperature control issue, but I recommend the Mac mini.
(I am using a 2012 and 2014 Mac mini.)
Is this kind of progress report helpful to you?
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU

About TheBrain 11 or 12
I find the features of The Brain 11 or 12 on Windows 10 easier to use than under Mac 10.14.6 Mojave.
In my case, I am using TheBrain 11 & 12 installed under Windows 10 Proffesional virtual environment on Parallels Desktop for Mac (ver. 16.1.2) in Mojave Mac mini 2012.

Question, what is this app? Can’t seem to fine it.

Dear satikusala,
Please take a look this
MORE (application) - Wikipedia
[[MORE (application) - Wikipedia]]
This MORE 3.1 is my favourite application in '80th.
With kind regards, WAKAMATSU
I can still use MORE 3.1 by booting my Mac G3 Blue & White.
(under Mac OS 8.6)


MORE was great. I’d be surprised if there’s much in MORE that isn’t straithtforward in Tinderbox.

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Wakamatsu, yes your input is helpful to me and thank you. I am also grateful for the Mac mini report. I hear there is a new model to be announced this year and they have heard of the temperature concerns and will have fixed them.

If I recall…it’s been quite a while…but I think it was a competitor to HyperCard, which was an amazing no-code app builder that was decades ahead of its time.

See: MORE 3.0 - Macintosh Garden

Dear All,
I have not used MORE for a while, so I am sorry if I am expressing myself differently because I am mixing up the functionality of MORE and HyperCard in my head.

The only thing I can say is that in the 80’s there was a great tool for putting ideas together.
I was a fan of HyperCard, as well as MORE, and it fitted in perfectly with my habit of organising things on cards.
At the time there was no Japanese translation of the HyperCard manual, so I had to wade through a thick English manual every day.
It was a big book, about 3.5 inches thick.

Let’s talk a bit about MORE.
The functionality is similar to the ConceptdrawMINDMAP.app that is currently available. At the time, the idea of an Idea Processor was quite a novelty. You write down your ideas in a square. Of course, this square can be transformed into any other shape. The rest is the same as in Tinderbox, where you can point the arrow of a link in any direction you want. Each link can be displayed as a Gantt chart or as a slide show in a presentation.
Of course, you can also print them out as individual documents.
I have not grasped the full functionality of Tinderbox yet!
[[Idea for a slide presentation mode - #6 by MMUmeda]]
I still do not understand how to handle it.

I remember that I was able to use the MORE functions of the slide show almost as well as the functions of the current ConceptdrawMINDMAP.app.
As for the tree structure, I was able to change the whole tree backwards with a single click.

Thanks to the presentation features of More, I was able to use
A set of Macintosh II and LaserWriter by Cannon in '80th.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU

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This is my first visit to the Tinderbox Forum, and I am so happy to find another MORE lover right away. I am still morning, that there is no no adaptation of MORE 3.1 to newer Mac OS versions, as OmniOutliner was a visual disappointment for me at the time (10 years ago). More for me was ideal for knowledge work, in no other application have I been able to write text so fast because it felt like an addition to my brain… And then one click and it would be a presentation. I admire Dave Winer and am grateful he invented it and kept it to freely download for everybody.

As we can’t run MORE, and many will not have used it, it might be helpful to the community to describe the the ‘missing’ features you want. Quite often, such problems can be resolved using a different process but achieving the same end. I’m not saying that will be the case here, but until the problem feature(s) are described (without having to see/use MORE) it is hard to be more specific.