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Image in textpane - becomes note background and renders text illegible - HOWTO avoid?

When pasting an image into the righthand textpane, this becomes the note’s background thus rendering the text illegible.
As I’m writing this, I also notice that TBX’s text colour seems to auto-adjust depending on the note body colour.

Is there any way I can determine this behaviour?

  • have the image become a small icon
  • not visible at all
  • current behaviour (as a background image)

Or am I missing something altogether?


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This is standard behavior for images pasted into notes if the image is inserted at the top of the note’s text. Merely place one or more blank lines – or a one or more lines of text – at the top of the note preceding the pasted image. This will cause the image not to appear as the note’s content in map view.

(You, or someone with more time, can find the discussion of this in aTbRef, and how to change the display of the name if a note on a map has a picture background.)

Also, setting $MapBodyTextSize to 1 will suppress displaying the note contents as the background.

($MapBody TextSize is the size of the text in the note thumbnail. The default value, 0, means “choose an appropriate size”. 1 means “don’t display the text.” Otherwise, this is the size of the text in the thumbnail, in points.)

Thanks a lot for your answers guys!
Looking into this.