Images! Any hints, tips or best practices?

Hi All,

I’d just remembered that images have come back, so I’m trying to get into using this functionality a little. Adding as adornments or at the start of notes works just fine (although the images appears to get cropped when it’s pasted into a note).

Is anyone else making much use of them? Any hints or tips that you’d care to share?



I don’t think images are cropped when pasted into note. If the image width is larger than the text width, the height is scaled.

I’m working on a study that involves an unusual number of images in map view — chiefly as image adornments. Here’s a peek at yesterday’s work:

Putting images directly into $Text works great in many contexts. However, I’ve found that having images locally stored on the harddrive and pulling in from individual notes is a much more scalable way to use them in you ever intend to repurpose images across multiple projects (articles, blogs, reports, presentations, etc.).