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Import of MD files

I imported a bunch of MD files by dragging and dropping them into TB.

I only see the title of the files imported and not the content inside the files which are small text notes.

Is there any other way to get these notes inside TB without the hassles of copy-pasting each and everyone inside?

I can’t replicate this. I tested using a sample Markdown file found here. When I drag it into a Tinderbox document I see this:

I made some copies of the Markdown note and dragged multiple files into a new Tinderbox TBX document with success. I tried dragging into map view and outline view with equal success.

I don’t think you are, but in case, make sure you drop in the view pane (left side of scree. If you drop into the $Text of a selected note you’ll get something looking like this, and which you don’t want:

How many files is ‘a bunch’? What happens if you drag just one? If you change the file extension of a file(s) from ‘.md’ tto ‘.txt’, does the process work?

In summary, the drag-drop addition on ‘.md’ plain text files should work (as illustrated above): I’m using v9.2.1 on macOS 12.3.1. So the question now is what is different in your case.

HTH :slight_smile:

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oh Sorry. The files i imported from another app said MD export but all the files didn’t have the .md extension which is probably why only titles have been imported in TB when drag and drop.

Have to rename all those files as .md one by one to make it work as drag and drop in TB. Thanks @mwra

One by one. Stop, there are renamer apps out there or the command line (free). Here is a simple tutorial for that which should save you a load of time.

I wasn’t really aware of this until I just tried it, but in recent versions of macOS batch renaming of files has gotten much easier. In most cases you can simply select them all in Finder, control-click, and from the contextual menu choose Rename…