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Import OPML problems

Hi I’m a long term user of Leo on MacOs and Windows. Leo is great but of course it doesn’t do everything that Tinderbox does. So I’m trying to work out how to get my Leo stuff into TBX trial version before taking the plunge.
Leo has an OPML export feature and I can indeed import the file into TBX but while the headings of the Leo ‘nodes’ appear in proper hierarchical order there seems to be some extra blank notes and there is no body text. Have I got malformed OPML?
I tried adding a short example but that didn’t seem to be a good idea!

OPML is a “standard” that no one seems to comply with consistently. If you can export CSV or TSV or something else from Leo, it would be worth the try.

If you could post (as a .zip archive) a sample OPML file exported from Leo — without personal info of course — then readers here can take a look and provide better advice.

Thanks Paul - interestingly going from TBX to Leo via OPML seems to work fine. Which is good news. Leo’s export to OPML has two options one writes body text nested in elements the other writes body text to attributes. Neither seems to work for me.
I’ll upload a zip file with an example of each.

Ta like PHOPML-Leo-output.zip (833 Bytes)

As suspected, Leo is using “non-standard” tags (the things in <> brackets). Take a look at OPML produced by Tinderbox and examine the tags that Tinderbox uses, then edit the OPML produced by Leo. You want to end up with name and text tags.

OPML is plain text, so TextEdit can help, or a specialized XML editor such as Xmplify.

There is no way to import the Leo-created OPML without post-processing / editing it before importing to Tinderbox.

Thanks again Paul - I will nudge the Leo guys and see what happens.



We’re supportive of adapting to alternate and improvised OPML formats where that doesn’t break everything. But on the whole, it would be better for Leo to export OPML that other systems understand.

You don’t need to wait for them – just edit the file – with global search and replace it will take less than a minute.

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Thanks Paul - I will certainly give that a go. It would be good though for Leo to output more standard OPML and I have many, many documents in Leo, that’s where I live. It’s been great to have such rapid and on the ball info here on the forum.

Ta like.