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Import student list from excel

THANKS - I’m glad to know I’m not the one whose crazy here. IT is open 24/7 so I’ll contact them.

For avoidance of doubt, only data I see is this (values obscured).

Sadly, the above is insufficient data to help you with your task.

Thanks for your time.

No problem.

Let’s try this from the other end. I made up a spreadsheet in Numbers with some imaginary data. Here it is:

Name StudentID Class Year
Able Simpson 1 2026
Baker McGee 2 2027
Chuck Colson 3 2027
Doris Leftright 4 2025

Here’s what it looks like in Numbers:

Now, I select the date and the headers, as in the illustration, and paste it into the view pane of a Tinderbox document.


If we select one student, say Able Simpson, the text pane has displayed attributes with the other columns of the table:

The complete file imported perfectly when I imported it from numbers. I took the excel file, saved it in numbers, and then imported to Tinderbox. VICTORY!!

The problem may have been that I don’t know excel very well. I take the excel files sent to me by the administration and save the columns I actually need in Numbers. I do all of my work in Numbers.

Thank you everyone. The Tinderbox file is beautiful now.

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Sorry, I’m chiming in late. Here is a video to show you exactly how to do this: Tinderbox Training Video 46 - Simple Gradebook Part2