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Tinderbox Training Video 46 - Simple Gradebook Part2

Tinderbox Training Video - Simple Gradebook Part2

Level Intermediate
Published Date 4/26/21
Tags 4CKMEl, 4Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, Agent, CSV, Grading, Import Spreadsheet, Tinderbox, aTbRef
Video Length 11:15
Video URL https://youtu.be/VcARFLtmPiY
Example File TBX L - Simple Gradebook Part 2.tbx (316.6 KB) and Sample Spreadsheet: Sample Assgn scores.csv.zip (769 Bytes)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker
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In this lesson, I show how to import a CSV file into Tinderbox and demonstrate how Tinderbox will populate the values of attributes that match items columns in the spreadsheet or will create new user attributes if the column does not already exist in the Tinderbox file. This method is particularly useful when you want to import a spreadsheet of grades that have been downloaded from a school’s CMS. I also demonstrate how to have a prototype automatically be assigned to the notes that are being imported in via the CSV method and how to update the prototypes’ edict to sum the values from the attributes. As a bonus for this lesson, I created an agent that you can use to pull grades for each assignment detailed in Method 2 so that you can see how students are doing with each assignment. The agent I use is particularly nice in that the values the query runs on are pulled from the agent’s attributes. The secret to making this work is to use the “agent” designator in the query.

TBX - L Simple Gradebook Part2

Michael, thank you so much. This gives me plenty to think about. Method 1 is certainly the easier, but I like the method 2 for its analysis. To answer the question you asked elsewhere, yes I download grades 2 or 3 times a semester to keep track of my students. I not sure this would play in either method.
Thanks again for all your help and instruction,

Hi John, @sumnerg solved our sync problem with an AppleScript for Method 1, see Updating one note's attribure value with the attribute value's of another note that has the same name. I got my 2nd covid shot yesterday, so I’m not up to par today. I’ll create a part 3 video later this week and show how this works.