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Importing Color Palettes?

Hello everyone,
does anyone know if there is a way to : a) import color palettes created in another application b) create color palettes within tinderbox (from scratch c) combine a+b
Many thanks !

a) No, unless it is in Tinderbox TBC format (which is XML)

b) See the Colors Inspector. Configure your TBX file how you want it then save out a colour scheme (.TBC) file. The Inspector allows you to alter the RGB values of existing defined colours (e.g. named as in ‘blue’, ‘red’, etc.) as well as adding/defining your own. There are also a number of colour-related system attributes that set colour values for various aspects of the app.

c) Open both the TBC and the other palette in a text editor and copy the colour values into the TBC file. Remember, the result must be valid XML and don’t add syntax you don’t already see in a TBC file.

You can add a TBC to a file by dropping it onto the view pane of an open Tinderbox document.

  1. Most color-palette generators can produce a jpg or png image of the colors. Grab the one you want, open it in Preview or Acorn or whatever you like, and make it reasonably large on the screen.

  2. Open your Tinderbox document, and open the Document Inspector.

  3. Switch to the Colors pane.

  4. If you want to redefine a built-in color, select that color. If you want to make a new color, select New Color from the action button’s menu.

  5. Click on the color well. A color picker will appear. Use the eyedrop tool from the color picker to click on the color in your color palette window

  6. Repeat for the other colors in the palette.

  7. When you’re done, you can make a color scheme file by choosing Save Color Scheme… from the action button menu.