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Importing from Mindnode


I am using mindnode to outline. Now I want to import the map into tinderbox, so I can fill in content and then export it to scrivener.

I have exported the mindnode file in OPML,

  1. I cannot figure out how to import the opml file, can you tell me how to import a opml file into tinderbox?
  2. Is OPML the right format or do I need to get some other format?

TIA (This is urgent)

Drag-drop the OPML file onto the view (left) pane. A container with the name of the dropped file is created. Inside the container is the outline parsed from the OPML. If the OPML can’t be read the container will have $Text indicating where the bad (un-parsable) character is. this will help you use a text editor such as BBEdit to remove/edit the bad characters. Tested in v7.3.1

Sidenote: OML is a very simple standard that many apps have further adapted. Thus OPML transfer between apps may vary from re-use by the same app in terms of extra metadata that is retained (i.e. custom extensions)


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oh God, That was so easy!

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MindNode also supports Freemind export and will create an .mm file. Tinderbox recognizes .mm files and so if you drag the .mm file exported from MindMode into a Tinderbox Outline or Map you will get an outline with the imported notes. (Image export is not supported in Freemind.)

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I’ve got iThoughtsX – what is the best (i.e. recommended) export format to get as much data as possible from iThoughtsX to Tinderbox?

The answer is the same. iThoughtsX exports OPML and it exports Freemind (.mm). Try both. I think you’ll usually have better success with OPML exports, but YMMV depending on the mind mapping application. OPML is a very loose standard which some developers use well and others treat as an afterthought. (E.g., OPML exported from DEVONthink is not canonical at all.)

So, you just need to try it.

Dear Paul, I tried this by dragging the file from Devonthink on my Macbook under High Sierra to Tinderbox 7 but it does not worked. I had to drag the file to my desktop first and afterwards dragged it into Tinderbox 7 map view to get the outline imported. It looks like Tinderbox was not recognizing the file type in case of direct dragging from Devonthink to Tinderbox. So, I am loosing the Devonthink URL information.

I have tried it with freemind and opml export from Mindnode 5 on my iPad.

Just to be clear: you’re dragging a Freemind .mm file from DEVONthink to Tinderbox?

Correct. I am using Devonthink as my overall file hub and was exporting from mindnode on my iPad to devonthink to go, synced it to my MacBook and dragged it from Devonthink to Tinderbox.

we’ll clear that up soon.