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Importing from Scrivener


I have some 4500 words in Scrivener that I realised would be better chunked up and used in Storyspace.

I have opened the Scrivener file in Tinderbox. Then opened a new SSP document and copied the relevant TBX notes to the newly opened SSP document. This because SSP won’t open a Scriv file.

Can you see any problems with this? Am I now free to explode notes, set decks, etc and continue to work exclusively within SSP?


Should be fine – this sounds like it’s the way it’s supposed to be. (Tinderbox knows a lot more about import and export than Storyspace, but they use the same files.)

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In the meantime, I tried the same technique using a larger .scriv file but it wouldn’t capture everything for some reason. So I exported the files I needed as .txt files then just dragged them straight into SSP.

Let the explosions and linking begin…!

Re your comment about using the same files. Is it that TBX and SSP simply look at the same files, can apply their own attributes but will ignore attributes that are not common?

In fact, Tinderbox and Storyspace know a bit about each other’s attributes and try to do sensible things when possible.