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Include the direction of the links in the Link Inspector

The directions of the links between notes can be determined by clicking the Link Popup menu in the Map right now.

As per discussion in here, I am now requesting to incorporate these features into the Link Inspector so that we can determine the directions of the links at the document level (per types of links).

Include the Start and End submenus into the Link Inspector:

You can move links to a specific anchor in map view my clicking on them near the start or end and dragging them to a specific anchor.

Thank you for the reply.

It is a bit clunky process. I couldn’t get the dragging right in one try.


In addition, the manual changing of the position doesn’t fix the position permanently. IN addition, we have to do it for every note. Fixing the property at the link type is much simpler: it is like using Prototypes contra assigning attributes per every note.

Drag the link ONTO the big arrows to move it. The change is, in fact, permanent until overridden.

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Great. Thank you for the guiding me.