Indenting Markdown Blockquotes

Dear Tinderbox users,

I’d like to indent Markdown blockquotes in the Text view of my notes, so I defined a blockquote pattern in a Highlighter, but the blockquotes in my notes remain unindented.

I think the blockquote pattern I defined is correct — or at least so it seems when I tested in RegExr. Moreover, by using that same pattern I can italicized blockquotes in my notes.

I’ve uploaded a test file in which I’ve been able to italicize a blockquote in a note and in which I’ve been unable to indent a blockquote in another note.

Could somebody please be so kind as to tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.


Blockquote Test.tbx (253.5 KB)

I’m not sure. I’ll investigate.

In the mean time, try including the "> " in the regular expression, so it, too, will be indented.

Thank you for looking into that. In the meantime, I’ve changed the regex from ^>\s.+ to >\s.+. According to RegExr, the > is included in the match, and accordingly it is italicized — but not indented — in Tinderbox.

There are two highlighter commands: indent and first-indent. I believe you want first-indent.

pattern: ^>\s.+
    first-indent: 30

Thank you for looking into that. I should have mentioned in the opening post that I had tried that too but to no success: the blockquote remains unindented whether I use indent or first-indent. My apologies for the omission.

In the meantime, however, I found out that for some reason both indent and first-indent work if I also italicize the blockquote — i.e. if I use either of the following in the Highlighter:

pattern: >\s.+
    italic: yes
    first-indent: 30
pattern: >\s.+
    italic: yes
    indent: 30

I changed the pattern from ^>\s.+ to >\s.+ to ensure that blockquotes that are not at the beginning of the text string are also matched by the expression.

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Consistent with my previous post, if you’d like to indent blockquotes, but you don’t want to italicize them, you simply have to set a Highlighter to the following:

pattern: >\s.+
    size: 16
    first-indent: 30

16 points is my default font size, which means that with that Highlighter the text size of body and blockquotes will be the same.