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Information programming

I want to create several small specialized tbx files, much as you would a subroutine library, and then link to them from a master file. If I remember correctly this is possible, e.g., calling one tbx file from another, but I don’t recall how to do it.



Look at this article. That’s all the info I can find and I think it’s fair to say that this feature is still bedding down in terms of what exactly it does. If you need more detailed info, I’d email tech support.

I’d be careful to validate what you intend is actually possible before building too much. I don’t believe the above feature was ever intended for the sort of ‘library’ type approach you describe. IIRC, it was mainly to allow one to references notes inside a TBX from another TBX or from other apps. Indeed, I think it was more the latter than the former. Although the feature could in theory allow you to use data from other TBXs in the current doc’ action code, for now I think you’d actually have to use a more clunky method of something like an auto-fetch of a tinderbox:// URL, store the result in an attribute and only then be able to act upon it.

Are you looking to have the contents of a “subroutine” Tinderbox document included in another document? Similar to Python’s import file1? That, in itself, is not support as far as I know. However you can “watch” a folder in the file system using File > Watch > Folder from Finder… – see more information here. This will not do much for watching other Tinderbox files (whose XML content cannot easily be used directly inside another Tinderbox documents), but you can watch other files with plain text content that describes templates, action code, etc., that can then be copied and paste into other locations in your master Tinderbox document.

In you merely want to open other files, then in addition to @mwra’s suggestion above, you can use the system $File attribute or create your own file-type arttributes:

Personally, I avoid tinderbox:// URLs since as soon as a document leaves the File > Open Recent menu, the URL fails.