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Inherit Attribute from Parent if not blank

Hello everyone,

I created a Prototype with various On Add actions set to inherit the Attribute of the parent note, something like this:


I have a “Literature” container that uses that Prototype. Thus, each new note that is moved inside of it inherits these attributes.

My question is, how can I change the Action to inherit the value ONLY if the Attribute of the note I am moving inside the container is blank?

For example, I have a note somewhere else in the map with a preset Author value. I would like to keep the Author’s name when I move the note inside the container with the On Add action.



I think you need to use the |= operator instead of =. Essentially the logic of the former is as you describe. I’d put in an aTbRef link if i didn’t have the site in maintenance just know.

If in doubt about using, make a small test TBX - you’ll only need five or six notes to test: a prototype, the container and a note with and without $Authors data.

Try this action


(Hat tip to @mwra for editing this with correct equivalence syntax :slight_smile: )

I’ve made a demo of both the |= and the if methods. They both have the same outcome. @PaulWalters if method is easier to follow for the novice. Seeing seeing both methods together may remind us (me included) about the |= operator which is easily overlooked by those of us not steeped in logic syntax. :slight_smile:

Conditional-add.tbx (85.4 KB)

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The |= operator is one of my favorite commands within Tinderbox. It has the multiple virtues of:

  • allowing you to streamline operations when usually a certain value or categorization will apply [like, $StartDate|=date(today) , which will set the $StartDate to today’s date, unless you’ve already set it to something different–or until you manually change it to something else];
  • letting you manually re-set any values that differ from that general pattern [like, $StartDate="August 1, 2020"]
  • providing protection from the program over-writing or undoing those custom values. If TB sees that you’ve already set a value, it won’t go in unbidden and change things around.

Realize that @mwra and @PaulWalters are well aware of this, just spelling it out in answer to original query.


No, happiness here. It’s one of those things that just looks bizarre until after the fact.

(Did your bullet 2 mean to use |= or =?)

Hi Mark, should have clarified – the second bullet point is how you would re-set the value, manually, either (a) before the |= operation ran, to prevent it from setting the date to “today,” or (b) after that operator had run, to change it to your preferred date.

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Hello, @mwra et al.,

This is brilliant. The |= operator works precisely as I intended. Thank you very much for your support.

I also like to say that the bidirectional linking (Zip Links) in TB 8.6+ has increased my use of TB 10 fold.